Getting To Know You Writing Sample

Choose one of the assignments below to let me know who you are.

1. Tell me who you are. Tell me about your interests and dislikes, your thoughts and/or dreams,  or any events in your life the you think have shaped who you are today. I’m looking for about 2 paragraphs, but if your life story cannot be introduced in such a small allotment of space, please feel free to expand your thoughts.


2. You have just been stranded on a desert island with no hope of being rescued. Fortunately, your backpack washed up with you! In this bag are the last remnants of civilization you will have. You brought ten items: 2 works of fiction (you choose the books), duct-tape, a picture (of whomever you please), a change of clothes, one can of soup (you pick the flavour) and 4 items of your own choosing. Explain each item you choose and why it holds significance for you. Your response should be around 2 paragraphs.

3. You have just been given a tremendous opportunity! You can turn into anyone you want from the past or present! Who would it be? Why did you choose them? Explain your answer in about 2 paragraphs.

Remember that there are two reasons I am giving you this assignment. First I want to get to know you, and read about who you are in your own words. Secondly I want to know where your writing skills are at (keep this in mind when you are writing and check your spelling, grammar, etc.).

What Makes a Good Paragraph?

-Complete/full sentences

-Staying on topic



-Good grammar

-Descriptive words / strong word choices