Spoken Word Poem Assignment

You will be writing and performing a spoken word poem about whatever you want. 

When choosing a topic it’s best to pick something you feel strongly about, whether in a positive or negative way. This doesn’t not mean your poem has to be super serious - you may feel strongly about broccoli in a negative way, but make your poem quite humorous.

Your poem should be long enough to tell your whole “story” or thought. It should feel complete. Aim for at least a page, as it will go quickly when you read it out loud.

Your poem should have a title.

Your poem should be written as a poem, not a paragraph. Think about stanzas, line breaks, and punctuation - these things will also help you when you have to read your poem out.

You will hand in a copy of your poem after your present it. 


When practicing performing your poem, think about the following:
-Consider the tone of your voice / the emotion behind it (joy/excitement/anger/sorrow/etc)

-Think about the pace you are speaking - slow/fast

-Are there times you want to pause?

-Do you want to move around the stage, or stay still? Do you want hand gestures?

Remember to be louder than you think you should be, as we tend to get quieter when we’re nervous/ in front of people.